The Kaera Crafts Kraft Club is our rewards and loyalty program and our special way of rewarding our loyal customers for their continued support. Right now, this system opens up earned rewards such as instant cashbacks in the form of credits. All you need to do to join is sign up for an account on 

Kaera Crafts also regularly runs promotions, sales, and special discounts via coupon codes, so please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to hear about these promotions. 

I N S T A N T   D I S C O U N T S

All items purchased through are automatically at least 5-10% off regular prices, with routine and clearance sales up to 80% off.

Kraft Club+ Members get a secret 5% further discount on top of that! Maintain a 12-month purchase total of 50,000 (PHP) to stay a Kraft Club+ member.

C R E D I T S   I N   K R A F T C A S H

On top of the instant member discount is the kraftcash! All purchases (now including sale orders) are eligible to earn kraftcash. Your kraftcash is awarded at 2% of your total product purchase. Some exceptions may apply: Depending on the promotion, some Facebook sales, warehouse sales and other promotions may not be eligible to earn kraftcash.


Your kraftcash is converted to credits, and any earned or accumulated credits may be instantly used as rebates for succeeding purchases. 

Credits from awarded kraftcash may be redeemed only via You will find the option to use your kraftcash as a mode of partial or full payment prior to checking out your basket. Ensure that you are logged on to your account for this option to be displayed.

Your kraftcash bank is a reward bonus and may, naturally, have limitations. It is offered in good faith as an added benefits to loyal customers. Basically, kraftcash: 

  • as a reward, has no cash value*: Redeemed kraftcash cannot be used again. Accumulated kraftcash from purchases cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  • is non-transferrable: It may not be sold, gifted or grouped together with credits earned by another account.
  • is non-stackable with other promotions: Due to the already low prices of most of our sales and promotions, only one coupon code may be used per order upon checkout. Coupon codes include, but may not be limited to, public promotional codes, gift and e-Voucher codes, as well as redeemed kraftcash. 
  • kraftcash expires within 6 months after being awarded.

Your kraftcash is awarded only after an order is Fulfilled.  


Redeemed kraftcash after a successful checkout is unable to be refunded; kraftcash from cancelled orders may be considered used and forfeited. Please attend to your orders and reservations within the requested time frame.

Applied kraftcash that has not been checked out will automatically be returned to your account. It may take up to 24 hours for the reversal to complete.

*kraftcash Credits are not to be confused with Refund Credits.

R E W A R D S   P O L I C I E S

The Kaera Crafts Kraft Club terms are subject to change at any time. While under no obligation, Kaera Crafts will always endeavor to give members and account holders reasonable notice if or when amendments and updates are soon ttake effect. 

Kaera Crafts also reserves the right to withhold or nullify points deemed acquired via questionable means or by abusing, misusing or illegally using the system.

However Kaera Crafts ensures that the program operates as outlined, it will not be liable for any failures of the system should such arise. 

Use and participation in the program constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Update, 1 May 2018: Beginning May 25th, as part of the steps we took for GDPR-compliance and for your account protection, we are no longer able to manually apply for you any unique codes and credits such as kraftcash and e-Gift Vouchers.  

Unique codes and credits may be redeemed via the webshop and solely by the account owner. You have to be logged on to your Kaera Crafts account to be able to redeem them.

With public or general codes such as announced special codes, you may continue to still place orders via FB or IG, and we can still process your order and apply these codes for you. 



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