COVID-19 Memo & Other Advisory


Hi, as some of you may know, we are in the process of consolidating some of our systems under one umbrella this year so you will have a more streamlined channel to access our multiple services (shops, communities and memberships, special orders, social media, etc). This is a slow and meticulous process, as we overhaul complete systems and merge them in the best possible way that will not affect your accounts and memberships, and will keep disruptions to a minimum.

In line with this and within the next few weeks, there will be scheduled windows of warehouse op pauses for inventory processing and consolidation. We will always aim to provide you with the corresponding notices during the scheduled pauses when shopping on the website. Please consider them before going through check-out.

Warehouse pause schedules for the 3rd Quarter:

August 7-11. Pending orders from the week before will still ship around this time. New orders will ship after this schedule.   

Investing the time to do this now and do this properly means we will be able to provide you with a much smoother, all-in-one experience when the transition wraps up. It's always easy to throw in new features but very difficult to sustain them if they are not properly planned. We are grateful that you are standing by with us and we look forward to providing you with more products and services that we can bring.

Orders and inquiries, and other online operations, will continue to be processed or received. Only physical operations and outbound shipping will be affected for the few days scheduled. Feel free to continue to communicate with us anything that we may be able to help you with. We remain here for you!



Our warehouse operations will be closed from April 18th to May 6th. Our Manila team and warehouse staff will be entitled to extended off-duty or remote work to allow them time and safe schedules to travel to respective hometowns and exercise the right to vote. Warehouse operations will slowly resume after the holiday on May 9th.

Only our physical operations will be affected during this window of time. Customer service and other virtual work continue to be available all throughout this time.

As always, all virtual and offline operations (with the exception of our 24/7 websites) are closed on weekends and holidays.

Thank you! We wish us all prudence, clarity, and wisdom, now more than ever, during this very important season.



Due to some current government restrictions, as well as new workplace structures and measures put in place to protect everyone, there may be some deviations from basic delivery schedules.

Standard shipping is active although we request that you allow some extra days for your packages to arrive as our couriers navigate through changing restrictions. Express Shipping, at the moment, is unavailable.

To reach out, just send us a message on Facebook or email us with your order number, and we will be happy to help check its whereabouts for you.

Shipping schedules may be further delayed whenever the metropolitan's status is graded ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) or MECQ (Modified ECQ). If you wish to make changes to your shipping preferences, just let us know. For any payment concerns or requests during this time, you can also send us a message about it. 

Stay healthy and safe!