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Our electronic Gift Cards are perfect as gifts for hobbyists and friends, or for yourself if you want to better plan your purchases. Occasionally, we launch great offers for them, so come back to check every now and then or follow us on Facebook.

Make sure to check-out with an email address. The details for your Gift Card will be provided to you safely sent to your email. 

Gift Card Promotion

Get more bang out of your buck and enjoy these introductory offers for your Gift Cards.

PHP 500 - Use code GC5 for 5% off

PHP 1000 - Use code GC5 for 5% off

PHP 2000 - Use code GC10 for 10% off

PHP 5000 - Use code GC15 for 15% off

For Gift Card purchases, one code per order may be applied but you can place multiple orders as necessary with no further chargers. 

General Gift Card Terms

The Gift Card is not redeemable for cash. It is not reloadable, but it may be used multiple times like a debit card, until the full value is redeemed. Remember to keep personal track of your Gift Card balance.

You may also use more than one Gift Card during checkout. Furthermore, you can use your Gift Card with a promo or discount code for more savings! 🥳

There are no activation fees or added service fees charged when a Gift Card is issued. Your Gift Card should contain the full value of your purchased denomination, so you get the most out of it.

Purchased Gift Cards do not expire. You or your giftee may use them whenever you please. A non-purchased or awarded Gift Card from giveaways or promotions, however, may be subject to terms outlined for the specific offer.

This is a digital Gift Card. No physical card will be shipped to your address.

Using Your Gift Card

To redeem, use the Gift Card code upon checkout. Codes may be applied by anyone with access to our online storefront, and redeemed amounts against a total Gift Card cannot be used again. It is recommended that you keep your Gift Card information safe and if necessary, shared only with people you trust.

Please note that the Gift Card cannot be applied to previously placed orders. 

The Gift Card is part of the webshop system, and can only be redeemed on and not via other shop channels (such as but not limited to the Facebook Shop, Instagram, pop-up stores, text messaging and phoned-in orders, related shops, as well as third-party avenues.) Customer service are unable to to apply your Gift Card for you (nor do they have authorized access to your code), but the team will always be happy to help out, so if you come across issues with using your Gift Card when checking out items in your basket, hesitate not and reach out to us!

Featured illustrations on this Gift Card page may be random and are not fixed identifiers of the specific Gift Card denomination.