Preorders and Backorders

An item marked with "Request Item" may be a "queue" item (on reservations-priority), restocking soon, or is part of a new release. Simply add to cart to preorder, backorder, or reserve.

Dependent on factors such as release dates, distribution and logistics, these items normally ship within 3 to 6 weeks. Preorders and reservations must be paid-for to qualify, and may not be cancelled within 28 days from date of order in order for us to properly plan and reserve inventory.

Item requests are not guaranteed. Placing and paying for a special request item guarantee your order is queued. It does not guarantee availability of the product. All orders are always subject to final availability, and are processed first order in-first order out.

New collections scheduled to be stocking are also sometimes made available to pre-order. If arriving stocks are limited, orders are reserved, prioritized and filled in chronological order.

If for any reason, a requested item is unable to be fulfilled, payments made shall be promptly refunded.

Note: If your cart includes Preorders and Backorders, your order will ship when all items become available. If you need in-stock items to process ahead, please create a separate order accordingly 

COVID-19 Updates on International Logistics

On availability:

Some brands may be experiencing shortages and logistics delays for some products. Items that are unavailable will be refunded and, where necessary, a percentage of the shipping fee. 

On handling: 

Rest assured best practices are in effect to ensure the safety and quality of your packages. Our on-site members are being asked to exercise extra precautions with any of their work.

On delivery: 

While there have been minimal disruptions in our international shipments, please note that there may be delays with local courier movement.

DHL Philippines, for instance, has advised that due to limited staffing and some community restrictions, their operations around certain locations are not on a daily basis. 

LBC are experiencing days delay with provincial packages as well and this is regrettably beyond our control.

Preorders normally ship within 3 to 6 weeks.  Please be guided accordingly. You may refer to the order details in your account to track your orders or to contact the courier in charge of your package. We will be happy to assist you should you need help.

Thank you for bearing with us.

We, along with our partner logistics, are trying our best while we navigate through the current situation. You may, as always, open a refund request if a notice of dispatch for your order is not received past 28 days, but we would sincerely appreciate it if you can extend some patience should your packages get held during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep you updated about the whereabouts of your order should there be foreseeable delays.

If you have any concerns regarding your order, we will happily assist you. To reach out, just send us a message on Facebook or email us. You may quote your order number, if you have one, for reference.

Stay healthy and safe!