Parchment Lace Embossing Tool (1mm)

Tattered Lace

Parchment Lace Embossing Tool (1mm)

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£5.50 | Great for embossing fine lines and of course perforating, this phenomenal 1mm Embossing Tool from Parchment Lace can be used for embossing small areas and adding fine details with a 1mm extra small ball made of high quality stainless steel.

Made from a flexible and extremely durable material, this embossing tool has a specially developed dirt-repellent rubber for a comfortable and firm grip.

Its weight and the ergonomic design ensure an ideal distribution of pressure during embossing to help you get the best results.

The embossing tool is 162mm long and finished with subtle stylish details in striking Parchment Lace colours, with the logo displayed on the handle, along with details of the tool.