Milan Shaped Bag Dies
Milan Shaped Bag Dies

Tattered Lace

Milan Shaped Bag Dies

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Tattered Lace Dies are the most detailed and delicate dies on the market. They are beautifully co-ordinated with a distinctive look and can be standalone or used to complement existing dies in your collection.

These dies measure approx:

  • Strap: 13.6cm x 1.3cm
  • Clasp: 1.9cm x 2.7cm
  • Clasp Mat: 2.6cm x 3.5cm
  • Clasp Plate: 3.4cm x 4.9cm
  • Main Body: 17.9cm x 18cm
  • Ornate Panel 1: 15.9cm x 8.1cm
  • Mat: 17cm x 11.2cm
  • Ornate Panel 2: 16.3cm x 10.1cm
  • Side Pleats 3.9cm x 6.7cm