How-to Demos from WRMK for all your favorite Punch Boards

So we thought you could use quick links to How-To/Demo videos on several of We R Memory Keeper's best punch boards. We gotcha covered with this super list!

Particularly to those of us here who have just discovered the wonders of their awesome, sorcerer's punch boards, this is hopefully helpful (check out the list below!) To those who are well-versed, what's your favorite? 🤔

These are in fact now easily available locally (in our shop and in several friendly crafts shops we have here in the community) so it's now easy for everyone to make those custom pretty everything that these could make! ♥️

See the tools in action:


Word Punch Board


Tag Punch Board

Envelope Punch Board

 Mini Envelope Punch Board 

123 Punch Board

Banner Punch Board

Tab Punch Board

Alphabet Punch Board

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

Frame Punch Board

Square Punch Board

Gift Bag Punch Board

With all of these tools within our grasp, we can all be party pros! Have fun, you all. 😎

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