Special Orders

IMPORTANT: The Kaera Crafts Special Order System as we currently know it will be suspended by April 8th and indefinitely. We thank all of you for using and supporting the service, and rest assured we are always working on better ways to serve you.  

W H A T   I S   A   S P E C I A L   O R D E R ?

Special Orders consist of items that are 

  • backordered or pre-ordered: currently out of stock items, or new items that will be released soon
  • early-reservation items: announced releases, transfers, or arriving items.
  • custom requests: items that are not from our Brands List but may possibly be ordered.

An item is considered a special order when it meets both criteria:

  1. It is not currently available in shop. 
  2. A request to purchase it has been made, along with a willingness to wait for the item to be fulfilled.


H O W   T O   P L A C E   A   S P E C I A L   O R D E R 

You may place a Special Order via your kaeracrafts.com basket, via the Special Order form, or by contacting us on Facebook or Instagram.


W H E N   T O   P L A C E   A   S P E C I A L   O R D E R 

For us to be able to continue to offer your favorite items at the prices we offer them, all special orders are processed in batches monthly. Special Orders cut off every 1st day of the month (12:00AM PhST). You may place your order any day in the month, and it will be processed for the next cut-off date.


H O W   L O N G   S P E C I A L   O R D E R S   T A K E   T O   F U L F I L L 

Backorders and Pre-orders are open ended; meaning, they will be placed every first day of the month and fulfilled when they are available. No ETA will be provided; it normally takes anywhere between 10-60 days (considered the holding period) after cut-off date for a special order to be fulfilled, but it could take longer. Orders will remain open until fulfilled, but you are free to cancel a special order past the first 60 days after cut-off date. Depending on the items and their requirements, special orders are international orders transferred via DHL or UPS, Express Mail Service (EMS) couriers, or cargo consolidations by sea.

If an item is not yet available with the brand/mfr by the cut-off date, it will be placed again until it is fulfilled. Special Orders may not be cancelled within the holding period (first 60 days after cut-off date). 

Future Release: For yet to be released or launched products, processing will fall on the next cut-off date after release date.

Express Air Freight: We offer the premium Air Freight option via Shipping Cart. 


H O W    T O   P A Y   F O R   A   S P E C I A L   O R D E R 

Special Orders are treated similar to regular orders but with longer fulfillment windows. To help us expedite and maintain a systematic processing of orders, to address previous issues of unclaimed items, and to minimize customer bank visits and transactions, we now request for full payment for all Special Orders, unless you have a previous credit arrangement with Kaera Crafts.

Payments must be made by the cut-off date. Unpaid-for special orders will be cancelled. Please place a new order if you wish to have your order reprocessed. 


F E E S   &   C A N C E L L A T I O N S

There are no associated fees and extra charges. Kaera Crafts shoulders all international shipping expenses, duties and taxes required upon entry, as well as common hidden charges such as higher bank conversion rates, so you don’t have to worry about these when shopping.

Special Orders may not be cancelled within the holding period (first 60 days after cut-off date). The holding period end date will be clearly indicated in the product pages. 


O T H E R   N O T E S
Items are always subject to manufacturer availability and logistics' ability to deliver.
  • Items are always subject to manufacturer availability and logistics’ ability to deliver.
  • For orders with multiple items, please note that an order that can only be partially fulfilled does not qualify as a valid reason for full order cancellation. Only the unavailable item may be cancelled and refunded. 
  • Placing/paying for a special order guarantees your order will be placed to the brand. It does not guarantee availability of the item. 
  • Kaera Crafts may at times, but has no obligation to, send updates regarding a backorder or pre-order. It is understood that by placing a Special Order, your order will simply be fulfilled when available or may be cancelled anytime past the first 60 days after cut-off date.
  • Except for the fixed cut-off dates, all dates and number of days indicated pertain to business days. Kaera Crafts does not operate on weekends and holidays.

For a list of brands that we may be able to get you items from, please check our Brands List. If the brand you are looking for is not in the list, contact team@kaeracrafts.com to see if your order may be accommodated.

Be assured that the Kaera Crafts team is committed to fulfilling all orders within its power and will always provide you with the best options for them.

Above is a quick guide to the terms of the Special Order system. We advise that you read the complete guide (Special Order: Full Terms & Conditions) to better consider your options. 

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