Lumi Sunfold™ Printing Kit
Lumi Sunfold™ Printing Kit


Lumi Sunfold™ Printing Kit

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Sunfold™ Printing Kit is the no-fuss alternative to tie-dye powered by sunlight. A fantastic value for groups, this kit makes it easy to print elegant patterns on any natural fabric. It is ideal for personalizing home goods and clothing items of all sorts.

An exciting new way to print elegant patterns on any natural fabric. Takes the fuss out of tie-dye for simple fashionable looks.

With the Lumi Sunfold Printing Kit, you can print patterns onto fabric using the power of sunlight. The kit uses Inkodye - Lumi's own photo-sensitive dye that develops its color once exposed to sunlight or other UV lights. It's an easy way to experiment with dying and textile printing without the need for a special ink curing lamp.

This kit is a great alternative to tie-dying and has complete instructions on how to print a pattern directly onto a t-shirt or any type of textile. This kit is great for groups of people - making it the ideal day-time party activity for the fashionable and creative. It makes at least sixteen prints but you can also dilute Inkodye with up to 10 parts water to extend its power and create fun shades. While the kit comes with instructions, there's also a step-by-step guide on the Lumi site.

This kit contains:

  • Inkodye Red Bottle (237ml) - x1
  • Inkodye Blue Bottle (237ml) - x1
  • Inkowash Detergent Bottle (237ml) - x1
  • Black Nitrile Gloves - x2 pairs

Lumi is a Los Angeles-based company that's pioneering the Lumi printing process - a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials.



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